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According to a report published by Gartner, cloud email use has been picking up a major amount of steam from enterprise users everywhere over the last few years and there's a very good reason for that: it brings with it a host of unique benefits that are far too critical to ignore.

It's long been established that email is one of the communication backbones of your entire organization. It's more than just a way to send and receive messages. It's a way for your employees to better communicate and collaborate with one another. It's a way for you to manage, cultivate and maintain those essential relationships that you have with your own clients - the clients that will continue to carry your business into the next decade and beyond.

It's also officially a way for your entire operation to work "smarter, not harder" - especially when you consider what cloud email solutions bring to the table that you just aren't going to be able to find anywhere else.



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Our Cloud Email Solutions

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When you partner with LayeredIT for all of your cloud email needs, you get not one but two incredibly powerful platforms to choose from - Microsoft's Office 360 or G Suite.

Here are just a few advantages of using the Layered IT cloud email solutions:
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    One of the major advantages that cloud email offers over a traditional in-house email server can be summed up in one simple yet critical word: cost. Not only do you NOT have to pay for the server (including equipment and the costs to setup and maintain), but you don't pay for the email platform, the support, or anything else. All of those unpredictable and costly expenses are exchanged for one easy-to-manage flat rate, freeing up valuable portions of your IT budget to be used for bigger and better things within your company.

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    Likewise, cloud email solutions also bring with them a dramatically improved sense of disaster recovery. Imagine the amount of damage that your organization would sustain in terms of lost productivity alone if something were to happen to your in-house email server. All of those messages, projects and essential files - gone in the blink of an eye due to a power surge, hardware failure or some other type of issue. Because your resources now exist totally off-site, this is simply the kind of thing that you don't have to worry about any longer.

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    But perhaps the most important advantage of cloud email solutions from LayeredIT is the freedom you won't find anywhere else. Adding new users is a breeze and all employees can access everything from any device in the world with an Internet connection - no exceptions.

An in-house email server allows you to maintain a certain degree of control over your communications, yes - but it's clear that this is a huge price to pay for all of the other major advantages that you're leaving on the table by NOT making the leap into the cloud as soon as you can.

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At LayeredIT, we understand how important email is to your business - and we want to make sure that this mission-critical communications channel stays as protected and as advanced as humanly possible from here on out. Not only do we offer the superior cloud email options you need when you need them the most, but everything - from setup to configuration to maintenance and more - is all handled by our team so that you can get back to focusing on your business.

If you're in the Sacramento area and would like to find out more information about cloud email solutions, or if you have any other questions that you'd like to get answers to, don't delay - contact LayeredIT today.