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Building a Smarter Office, Together

As the name suggests, a paperless office is a working environment where the use of paper is either totally eliminated or greatly reduced depending on the circumstances.

Imagine all of the time you would save if every document was available with just a few quick clicks of your mouse. Think about how much easier it would be to collaborate if everyone had access to the exact same information at the exact same time, regardless of where in the office (or even where in the world) all parties happened to be. Picture not just the amount of work that you'd be able to get done, but the QUALITY of that work, if you had an office that didn't have to create, store and manage massive amounts of paper any longer.

This is an idea that people have been dreaming of for years and now, thanks to LayeredIT, it's one that you and your employees will get to enjoy sooner rather than later.



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Our Paperless Office Services

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The major benefit of our LayeredIT paperless office services come by way of the new level of mobility that you get to enjoy. If someone is working on a project at home but forgot a key file in their office, they no longer have to make an unexpected trip in during the middle of the night. They don't have to worry about anything at all, in fact - they can access all of the same information from their desktop or laptop computer, their tablet or even their smartphone. Suddenly, one of the major barriers of both communication and collaboration is gone in an instant - allowing you to enjoy a bold new era of productivity as a result.

But the true benefit of a paperless office is also the one that matters the most: efficiency. When you make the jump to a paperless office, you're doing more than just digitizing essential documents and making them available from any device, anywhere at any time. You're significantly streamlining your workflows by automating processes that used to require far more of your time than they should have.

Consider the following points to see just what a big impact a paperless office can make:
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    You can both eliminate all the unorganized paperwork and ALL of the hassles that came with it through thorough and complete document digitization.

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    Our LayeredIT instant document capture process makes the migration from a world of paper to an entirely digital platform as easy and as human as possible.

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    Our secure document storage services add another much-needed layer of protection. Don't worry about misplacing those paper documents or letting them fall into the wrong hands.

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    Finding specific documents is now something that you can do in seconds thanks to full-text search and retrieval.

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    Greatly reduce the possibility of human error (and in many cases eliminate it entirely) through instant and reliable technology.

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    Automate all of those administrative tasks that used to take countless hours out of every day so that you can get back to doing what you do best: actually running a business.

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At LayeredIT, we'd love nothing more than to help free you from the confines of a world built on paper - both for now and for all time. Simply put, your business isn't just easier to run when you're operating out of a totally paperless office. It's also smarter, more efficient, more agile and more ready to face the challenges that tomorrow may pose - regardless of what shape they happen to take.

If you're in the Sacramento area and would like to find out more information about our paperless office services, or if you just have any additional questions that you'd like clear and easy answers to, please don't delay - contact LayeredIT today.